Sonic Wave Mattress



Product design

Vibe delivery with refined, clever, and dense sonic

‘Sonix’, a wellness company specializing in sonic technologies, revealed a bed-type sonic massager that has never been before. Sonic hit the target area and relieves muscle stresses. Its potential can be maximized by users with their music selections.

The source of sonic is the users’ music choice. Sound sources are input and converted to a vibration that follows its hertz and EQ, 2 ways of output are set, a headphones terminal, and a vibrator that is embedded in the mattress.

Several functions such as course, hertz, hardness, and temperature can be customized to the users’ preference. Feel like using the EQ settings of a music player, then much more pleasure will come.

Body part settings also can be modified. Shoulders, spine, and thighs are the targets. Functions activate individually with dense movement. whatever doesn’t matter if sure, auto mode will fully support you.

Additional mattress covers are provided for maintaining the condition and can be laundered. Fine and cozy feelings during massage give users more pleasure.