Galvanic ion booster



Product design

Well fined, conditioned, deserved galvanic.

Aruiden is an ultrasonic galvanic product that can be used with an essence or facial mask. Microcurrent and ultrasonic vibration help cosmetic ingredients go deep into the skin layer. The optimized size makes it easy to use anywhere. We focused on creating an optimized one that was simple and small but contained everything we needed.

To look simple and easy, we started designing with elementary figures and tested them to find the most accessible form to connect your hands to your face. An electrode along the parting line solves both a touchable matter and cleanness. The neck curve between the galvanic head and body is the only thing that exists freely, giving the tension and rhythm.

Electrodes link the face and hand and make current flow to the device.
We focused on the electrode shape for easy use. By designing the hand-side electrode with a thin line along the device, people can touch it with any grip, and a well-measured circle electrode can reach anywhere in every corner of the face.

Galvanic has random vibrations for giving multiple impulses to the skin layer. You can rub your face as if exploring everywhere while feeling the current and vibration. With the button pressed, it automatically operates when the hand and face touch the two electrodes.

Focusing on function and minimizing the body was the priority option for Aruiden. Forty-nine grams, ultra-lightweight, makes users enjoy using it in any situation. A middle-plated part of the device is the role of a spine by holding onto all the parts tightly, making it possible to make it small.