The body



Product design

The scent closest to a person.

“The Body” is Afrimo’s first self-branded fragrance and bottle. Afrimo has created a pleasant aroma that resembles a human body scent, and we have designed a special perfume bottle to hold it. We focused on the bottle’s ratio. Through multiple prototypes, we found a slim, optimal balance with the perfume scent concept.

We used well-refined curves to give people a comfortable impression, giving them a sense of volume that can remind them of their human bodies. The edge, which follows the curved surface from the front to the side of the container, broke the ordinary impression.

When a warm-feeling liquid is put in a bottle, the design is completed as if revealing its details. Only a simple logo is placed on a transparent, glossy bottle to express cleanliness and purity as if you can see through an object. The cold-impress cap creates a unique atmosphere by contrasting the warm liquid.