Fragrant Everyday.

‘Olite’ is probably the first fragrance made of paper pulp. Most of the closet air fresheners, mostly called sachet, are made by putting fragrant stones in linen pockets. Instead of a linen bag, we put the paper pulp into the mold and put it in the form of a bag.

This is not only a unique appearance, but also has a strong smell of fragrance penetrated the paper.


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  • Branding
  • Product design
  • CMF
  • Packaging design
  • Manufacturing

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Variety of uses

Dress perfume ‘Olite’ is not a type that is directly sprayed on clothes, but hangs with clothes or puts them in a drawer. Generally, flavor is maintained for three to four months. Afterwards, the reverberation remains so it can be used again in tight spaces, such as in a suitcase, in a travel carrier or in a small box. If the scent no longer remains, don’t throw it away and spray it with your perfume.


‘Olite’ is an eco-friendly upcycling product made by recycling paper. Melt the paper to make a pulp and then remove the impurities to make it clean. When the pulp is put into the mold and polished, the surface is reborn as a wonderful product.