Soft and lightweight,

practical wireless charger.

Rftech Fast Charge is a new type of advanced wireless charger. Our goal was to find an emotional and clever way out of the rigid electronics form. As a result of concentrating on new materials and movements, we have developed into an iconic and practical form using elastic fabric.

The soft-finished exterior provides a pleasant touch, it moves freely and changes the form necessary for charging . And it is possible to distribute the concentrated parts in one place, so the more balanced shape is completed.

Fast Charge

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  • Concepts
  • Product design

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Balanced and efficient part placement

Flexible fabrics helped to balance the whole product. The joints move smoothly, making it easy to connect even if the parts are separated. We have divided the batteries into two parts, which take up about half of the total volume, and designed a meaningful form by using them as a pedestal part when charging.